Fast Funding for Educational & Daycare Centers

               Educational  & daycare centers choose SSF                                                        for their financing

Teaching requires knowledge, enthusiasm, and above all: patience. But when you’re trying to run a business and have bills to pay, patience isn’t always a virtue or even a possibility. Maybe you’ve applied for a small business loan and been turned down, or you can’t afford to wait the weeks and weeks a bank loan would take to get you the capital you need. A merchant cash advance from SSF offers a better way

When you get an answer from us, you know it’s valid and that the funds will arrive in a short period of time.

What SSF can do for your business

Expanding minds takes energy and money, and different students have different needs. You may be able to plan a lesson, but you can’t plan everything about your business. On top of all the normal costs of doing business, you also have to be prepared for unexpected needs. One problem with a traditional bank loan is its inflexibility. When applying for a loan you may have to outline exactly how you intend to spend it, and banks’ strict payment deadlines don’t allow you to hold on to capital for uses you can’t anticipate. Here are just a few things you can use one of SSF’s small business loan alternatives for: school supplies, safety equipment, computers and testing supplies, hiring new staff, insurance payments, salaries, expanding your advertising, buying out a partner, taxes, repairs, renovations, and expansion, opening a new location, etc.

Fast and simple with minimum documentation required

Most of our customers receive a pre-qualification from us within hours of submitting the 1-page application, and actually receive the money in their business bank account within days. The process for obtaining a traditional small business loan from a bank could take several months. Learn how our cash advance underwriting process works!

We’re not a bank, so we don’t require the same level of documentation.  For example, unlike for traditional bank loans, you do not have to provide tax returns, financial statements, or physical collateral in order to obtain a business cash advance. We have a simple one-page application and may only require 4 months of credit card processing statements and 2 months of bank statements.

Personal credit isn't a problem and no payment schedules

We take many factors into consideration through our proprietary underwriting process, and we have funded thousands of merchants who have low credit scores. Business loans often require a minimum FICO or credit score.


A business cash advance isn’t a traditional loan. The advance is paid back as a percentage of your sales. When business picks up, you pay back more and when business slows, you pay back less.  Learn how our business cash advances work.